Pre-Immigration Information

Pre-Arrival Support Services (PASS): This organization offers supports and services for nurses planning to immigrate to Canada. It works to shorten the time that you spend from arrival in Canada to registration and employment.  There is no cost, but you must show proof of graduation from a nursing school and a letter of immigrant confirmation from the Government of Canada.

Canadian Nurses’ Association: The Canadian Nurses’ Association is the national professional association representing registered nurses. It provides information regarding obtaining a visa to work as a nurse in Canada, the process of transitioning into the Canadian nursing profession, and several other frequently asked questions.

As an internationally educated nurse, you may want to learn more about the Canadian healthcare system. Canada is made up of provinces and territories. Each province is responsible for delivering healthcare, and as a result, the healthcare systems are different depending on each province. 

Canada’s Health Care System: This Government of Canada site offers an explanation of Canada’s publicly funded health care system, also known as Medicare. Furthermore, it describes important components of the system such as the Canadian Health Act and how to access care.

B.C. Heath Care System: This B.C focused site provides information around the specific details of B.C’s health care system with a focus on accessibility, health coverage, ways to manage your health, research, and resources for healthcare professionals.