Nursing Specific Resources


Career Development Resources:  If you are interested in learning more about the different areas that you can practice nursing, please visit the ‘Career Development Resources’ page on the ARNBC Website.

CRNBC Nursing Standards:  The CRNBC nursing standards are the requirements expected of  RNs and NPs in order to provide safe, competent and ethical care.  Visit the CRNBC Website to learn more about your professional standards, practice standards, and scope of practice

Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS): As a practicing RN or NP, you receive your professional liability protection, along with numerous other services from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. If you are a practicing RN or NP, and require legal advice, risk management services, and legal assistance, contact CNPS for more information. 

BC Nurses Union (BCNU): If you are an IEN and a member of the BCNU, the union can provide you support with workplace issues. BCNU also provides supports related to communication skills and through the   Mosaic of Colour Caucus.

CNA Mentorship Program: The CNA Certification Mentorship Program has nurse mentors all across Canada that volunteer their time to provide support and assistance to IENs. Nurse mentors hold current CNA certification and have a minimum of three years’ experience in their chosen nursing practice specialty. As certification program mentors are seldom in the same city or province as you. As a result, mentoring usually take place by e-mail or telephone.

PASSAmong many other services, PASS also provides you with workplace integration resources such as employment-related webinars that equip you for successful entry into the health care field,  and mentorship connection with Canadian nurses.