Harm Reduction Community of Practice

Welcome to the Harm Reduction Community of Practice!

On December 14th 2016, the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations (BCCNA) brought together the nursing profession, other health care providers, policy makers, government, first responders and the community for a morning of dialogue, discussion and planning around the current B.C. opioid crisis. A series of recommendations were brought forward that day, and nursing associations in B.C. are now working towards implementing them. (To view the ‘to do’ list please see: http://www.bccna.com/pdfs/BCCNA-2016-Emergency-Forum-Chart.pdf)

Specifically, participants expressed the need for a space to debrief, exchange resources and network. This space has been created to help facilitate information and knowledge exchange, dialogue and support among clinicians, researchers, educators and advocates involved in harm reduction practice.

To contribute resources, please send all materials to admin@arnbc.ca. In order to contribute to the discussion forum, you must create an account.  All inquiries can also be directed to admin@arnbc.ca.